Tools for
"Put your group on autopilot!"
Group Organizers Event Organizers
Automated Memberships
  • trial periods with expiry based on time and/or attendance
  • auto-approve pending member on payment
  • membership expiry, then auto-renewal on payment
  • automated title and role assignment on joining
Increased Income
  • linking events across groups to drive traffic
  • priority waitlists puts paying members first
  • auto-request donations at optimum time for success
  • auto-reminder messages of dues owing
Reduced Workload
  • automatic handling of no-shows and no-RSVPs
  • bulk editing of roles and titles
  • keep track of problem members by attaching notes
  • automatic task list to notify you of issues to address
Increase Activity
  • bonuses for event hosts
  • link events to show RSVPs across groups
Increase Communication
  • bulk messaging to selected members
  • private discussion forums for leadership team
  • auto-remind hosts to take attendance
Reduced Typing
  • bulk editing of events across groups
  • bulk copy of events to/from other groups

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